Medieval Hose Pattern

Here is a pdf handout from my first attempt at teaching a class.

How to make your own medieval hose pattern and how to sew them.

Note there are some sections that say “follow along with the demonstration” which you will not be able to.   Hmmm…maybe a you tube video?

Click the link and so…  Be a Hoser!



  1. I just wanted to drop a line in thanks, I went to your workshop on this recently and have just finished my first set of hose from the pattern we made in class that day. They are in a light cream coloured wool and are a nice fit, despite it being my first time hand sewing anything in almost fifteen years. If you let me know an e-mail address I can send some pics. Now I just have to learn about period garters 😀

    Thanks again, It was good fun!

  2. Thank you VERY much for letting me know and I’m thrilled that it a) got you to do some hand sewing:) b) helped you make a nice pair of hose. I would love to see them!

  3. Thank you very much for posting this! I’m a magician and I’ve recently been booked to do some strolling close-up magic at an event up in Banff…with a medieval theme. I’m about 70% finished my outfit for the evening but I was stuck on the hose. I appreciate you posting this! Thanks again.

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