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REVIEW PURESILKS.US (aka B.R. Exports, The Fabric Factory, Executive Silks, Royal Indian Brocades)

Wherein I share my sad tale of woe that others may be spared : P

Now, I love shopping on-line.  I really do.  And I shop on line a lot.

I’m frequently asked where I get my fabrics, accessories and the like.  Truth is I get them all over the world, because when I’m working on a project I’ll spend countless hours hunting down the most “right” materials I can find.  Both heaven and hell are in the details:)

Most of my on-line shopping experiences have been good.  I was thrilled with the dozens of TINY BUTTONS I bought on Etsy from lovely Anna in Poland.  I’ve had some amazing high end silks from SARTOR in the Czech Republic.  You can’t beat the reasonably priced castings at ARMOUR and CASTINGS.  These are only a few, and I’ve been an ebay and etsy shopper for years too.

None the less, on-line shopping has its risks, and even a very experienced shopper can run into trouble.

The single worst experience I’ve ever had happened late last year.

I was sourcing fabric for my upcoming Saxon Gown project and thought I’d found some good choices at, an online retailer from India. They also go by quite a lot of other names including The Fabric Factory, Royal Indian Brocades, Executive Silks, and maybe others, so you must be wary if you’re to avoid them.

I like to know who I’m dealing with on line.  So I started to search for reviews. I stopped looking when I found that a well known pattern maker and costumer highly recommended them.  Great! I thought, I’ll go ahead and order.

I spent a total of $150US for “samples” of four fabrics (three at a yard each, and one three-yard piece).

The first thing that went wrong was they didn’t actually have one of the fabrics, despite it being listed as in-stock when I ordered.  I ended up choosing an alternate that was $18 cheaper.  They promised to refund the difference…..more on that later.

I waited for a few weeks, and then, oh frabjous day! The order arrived! On Christmas Eve! Like it was from Santa!  What could be better! Alas, like finding a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking this is what happened next:

One fabric was the wrong colour entirely, which was annoying, but the other two seemed workable. I’d intended to over-dye one of the samples to get the colour I wanted, so I immediately ran off to get my dye supplies (because who doesn’t spontaneously dye fabric on Christmas Eve?)  I popped it in to the dye bath and waited….checked it…waited…..checked it…waited……….after well over an hour, the fabric came out of the dye bath completely unchanged.  That’s when I became suspicious and the real trouble started.

I got out my lighter and burn tested it.  Not 100% silk.  In fact little to no silk content at all.  The same proved true for the two others.  When the fourth piece of fabric arrived a couple of weeks later it also was synthetic.

One fabric mislabeled with wrong fiber content is possibly a mistake,


Here is a link to a video of me burn testing the fabrics.  A videographer I am not, but it does clearly show the results of the burn test.  I’m lucky the fire department didn’t have to come. As for my cat in the background, no she wasn’t being tortured, she always sounds like that, she’s part siamese.

And here is the email string (read bottom to top).  I especially like the part where they try to blame it all on poor workers in remote villages.  Nice.


Although they eventually promised to refund me, they never actually processed the refund.  That’s when I went to my credit card provider for help.

First I had to report the case as fraud to the RCMP.  Then I had to get an expert to verify in writing that the fabrics were in fact not silk (not actually easy to do).  Then after sending all of this paperwork etc. to VISA, they were able to get me my money back.  It was almost more trouble than it was worth, but there was no way I wanted to let keep my money.

Is this a happy ending? No. Not really.  Yes, I have my money but no fabric.  And they cost me my time and have delayed my project.

I post this in the hopes that you may learn from my sad tale, sewing friends.

Let my pain save you from a similar fate 🙂


P.S. I contacted the costumer who recommended this company to tell them what had happened.  They would not hear of it.  They defended the company, and when I continued to suggest there were issues, simply blocked me.

Were I in their position, I’d certainly want to know.  I’d be worried about tarnishing my own reputation by recommending a company like this one.  But, I guess no one likes to get bad news.  If I’d been singing the praises of a supplier to others, and made some expensive costumes out of their fabric thinking it was silk, I might not have wanted hear this either. I’d probably be embarrassed at having been mislead.  But it could easily have been me too, if I hadn’t tried to dye the fabric I might not have caught on either.



  1. Thank you for sharing this. We had an issue with a sword-making company with a huge reputation and they not only blocked us when a custom order never arrived, but one of our friends had to put the Better Business Bureau on their trail. Talking to others we found out that we were not the only unhappy people. It’s good to warn potential customers and I’m forwarding this on to some seamstresses and costumers.

    • I’m sorry to hear it:( It’s true that all businesses can have a bad day. Sometimes things go wrong, but how they deal with problems makes all the difference. After this, I ended up ordering some very expensive silk elsewhere. When it arrived…gorgeous heavy real silk but….wrong colour (pretty much started to feel a bit cursed at that point), but the vendor paid for me to return it and shipped out the correct product. Excellent customer service.

      In this case the real kicker for me is that out of four diverse fabrics none of them were silk as advertised. That seems to be more than an honest mistake. I suspect they are fully aware of what they are selling and that many of their satisfied customers simply don’t realize what the got isn’t what they think it is. I too found more unhappy people in my situation after the fact.

      My biggest recommendation to anyone is always pay with a credit card. Even if it’s through PayPal. PayPal is next to useless for buyer protection. I don’t think you’d want to make a habit of it, but your credit card company may be able to help you if things really go south (obviously you should check with them in advance to see what their buyer protection policies are – yours could be different from mine).

  2. I had a similar experience with PureSilks. I was so excited by their extensive offering and ordered 7-10 yards for reenactment garb, then they told me it wasn’t in stock. Not only wasn’t it in stock – but almost every alternate choice was also out of stock. And then the refund – 18 emails and month later, I finally got it. I’m sure that I never would have received a refund with having a Paypal dispute. Ugh. I’ll try Sartor next.

    • I’ve ordered from Sartor before with no issues, and got to meet them at Pennsic. Nice ladies. Thanks for adding your story. You might be better off not having got your order if the fabric being actual silk was important to you. I think it’s possible that PureSilks will keep promising refunds as a way of causing a delay so that the clock will run out and you won’t be able to get help from Paypal or your credit card company. If I’m right, wonder how often it works? It’s a shame because the fabric does look nice.

  3. I think one of the issues is that India has like 27 different things known as “Silk” and we in the US or I am sure UK have one. Silk is from a Silk worm’s butt, period. They have “Art Silk” Silk Finish, Spun Silk, Satin Silk, and China Silk to name a few! It compeletly sucks, I am sorry you had to deal with this, and I will never use that company. Thank you for saving my bacon!

  4. Sad to hear this! I am searching for fabric to copy a beautiful biedermayer dress I have parts of. It has checkered pattern and that is not easy to find. I found some nice ones at, but now I dare not to order from them. Thank you for sparing! Do you have tips on other sites that may have this? It might be pure silk (tafetta or dupion) or high quality fine cotton.

  5. A friend and I, having made individual orders, had the same issue.

    We ordered, it didn’t ship, they didn’t upload tracking, didn’t respond to questions, we were refunded by PayPal. I ordered the same item three times. They once told me they shipped it several times but it never left the country. That’s a total of four orders between us.

    • Wow. That’s pretty annoying! It’s weird, others seem to just love them. I don’t know what’s worse, not getting the order and being messed around over and over as you did, or getting the order and finding out it’s not really silk (despite the price) as I did.
      Such a shame – the stuff looks pretty but so not worth the trouble.

  6. I wish I had read this before. I am in the middle of a similar situation with B R Exports / Pure silks.
    The same stories of the poor dyer . I have also been promised a refund.
    Do not deal with these people they are an absolute rip off.

  7. Sorry to hear it. Seriously? So this time it’s the fault of some poor village dyer who is cheating them? Sorry Puresilks, but it’s your company, quality control is your problem – of there is a problem you don’t get to just pass it on to your customer. If you paid by credit card sometimes they can help. Good luck 😦

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