Posted by: Lucrece | November 27, 2011

Mary Rose 81A2218 – an interpretation of a Tudor Leather Bottle

In the past few months I’ve been experimenting with flask-style leather bottles made with a mold.

The accepted method for making this style of bottle is to sew two flat pieces of leather together, wet them, and then pack with sand to create the “pumpkin-seed” shape.

For a number of reasons my belief is these were, instead, more likely made by molding over a wooden form.

For more information read my write-up on the project HERE.  Likewise have a look at The Leather Working Reverend who inspired the asymmetry of this design.

Here’s the finished bottle:

Finished Bottle


Hand carved stopper. The Leather washer is "glued" on using brewers (pine) pitch. This one was made from a maple branch.

Close up of the dolphin motif imprinted using a hand-carved maple stamp.

The stamp carving was inspired by this guy!



  1. Hi Holly, that’s exceptionally nice work. I like the stamped dolphins, how did you get the double line around the edge of the shield so neat?

    • Thanks, that means a lot coming from you:) I don’t know that I’d have ever thought to try making stamps out of wood if it hadn’t been for your post about Hugh’s.

      The line around the shield is not part of the stamp, it’s added after and I was basically just really really REALLY careful. I practiced on some scraps first. I drew it faintly with a mechanical pencil, and then deepened it with a couple different sizes of harness needles stuck into a wine cork as a handle.


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