Posted by: Lucrece | October 22, 2010

15th century belt parts

So, I have an ongoing obsession with finding “just right” belt parts.  It’s proved to be much harder than I would ever have imagined.  Recently though, I came across in the Ukraine.

They take PayPal and the shipping time was not bad at all.

I ordered a large B shaped buckle for a houppelande belt and two sets of belt ends. 

The one set, straight out of a van der Weyden painting are pretty darn awesome I must say!

They used to have a Burgundian belt set that I LOVE but that, TRAGICALLY, they don’t make anymore.  I’m currently trying to get them to make me one as a custom order.

Check them out, they roke!:



  1. I purchased several items from them last year and couldn’t be happier. The Burgundian belt set was available then, but I opted out because of the narrow width and the way it attached. They said they were going to redo the style though so I decided to wait.

  2. I checked them out. They look lovely. I hope you post images of your complete outfit.

  3. I often buy from these people. This guys work is also impressive.

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