Posted by: Lucrece | October 4, 2010

Museum of London Costrel: finished!

After many months of distraction by other projects I finally got around to making the whole costrel from beginning to end.  

I’m quite pleased with the result.  It is dyed with an Oak Gall (for tannin) and Copperas (medieval term for Ferrous Sulphate (a solution of iron dissolved in acid) dye.  The outside was waxed with beeswax and the inside sealed with a mixture of brewer’s pitch and beeswax. 

Next I will need to make a stopper for it, and perhaps some sort of strap.  Note that the strap holes were just cut in this photo so I had to re-dye the holes. 

I got an excellent tip for cutting the slots with a wood chisel at where you will find a great deal of usefull information and history on costrels and jacks.

The MOL costrel on the left - mine on the right (as if you couldn't tell:) )



  1. Very impressive. 🙂

  2. Beautiful.

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