Posted by: Lucrece | September 7, 2010

Transition: Cap and Frontlet done(ish)

Still a few details to add, but final result is looking fairly good!



  1. I have been admiring your fantastic and very accurate recreations of historical dresses. As a 3 year member of the SCA, I have taken on “The Lady and the Unicorn, Hearing” dress myself. It is mostly done but I am trying to work on the headwear now. I am concerned about accuracy as much as possible. I was curious about if you could send some more specific details from your own cap with frontlet. I am fairly decent with the beading, having done the entire sideless surcoat from said dress, I just need to understand the calculations for making your cap. I looked at the pictures on your flicker account that describe the process of the cap, however, I have had problems in the past with making coifs giant instead of me-sized.

    • Sigh, this comment is really old….I wish I’d replied sooner. I am pretty much the worst blogger in the universe. Did you end up making the cap? Are there pictures?

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