Posted by: Lucrece | March 24, 2010

Transition gown the first – progress pictures

So I’ve done my initial patterning, cutting and basting of the gown itself and some tweaks (more on this later).




  1. I know it’s years after you made this gown…but do you have a pattern for it? It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to make but can’t find anything else to help me!

    • Hi Chelsea, unfortunately no. I more or less stopped using patterns some time ago. I start with the basic shapes that make up most clothing at the time, and make alterations to get the silhouette I want. This has four panels: front, back, and two sides, as well as gores. You sent this comment a month ago – don’t know if you still need help?

      • Thanks for responding! I just got Tutor Tailor and will work through a few patterns/plans first. Once I’ve had more practice I’ll try this one!

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