Posted by: Lucrece | February 14, 2010

Transition gown – 1490-1500 upcoming project.

For quite a while,  I’ve been contemplating “transition” gowns.  They occupy a short period between the late 15th century Burgundian gowns with the deep V necks and wide belt, and the incoming 16th century Tudor fashions.  You don’t see them often in reenactment circles which would make them an interesting project to try. 

Plus, I like the hats 🙂

Yesterday I found some fantastic bluish-grey cotton velvet which I think will be perfect for this gown….eeeee! I can hardly wait.  Damn I have a lot of projects on the go right now!



  1. The Lady and the Unicorn gowns look like transition dresses too–I’m trying to crack that nut for my next project!

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