Posted by: Lucrece | November 22, 2009

Leather Costrel – Museum of London

These are some photos I took in October 2009 at the Museum of London.  They are of a very small Leather Costrel which I intend to try to recreate.  I wrote to the MOL and they provided me with a bit of detail.  This costrel was found in 1913:  Acc. no. A10640, H 80 mm; W 85 mm, found: Town ditch, Old Bailey, London EC1; Leather costrel with foliate design.  The measurements I’ve seen so far vary:  80x85mm (MOL), 4 x 33/4″ (Black Jacks and Leather Bottells Baker, Oliver  1921).  Having seen it I think the 4×33/4 (100mmx95mm) seems closer.  I did eventually find a picture of the back -it’s plain.   


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