Posted by: Lucrece | November 21, 2009

Houppelande and Butterfly Hennin

Me: Houppeland and Hennin

This is me.  I’m wearing my first attempt at an early 15th century Houppelande made on a pattern theory created by Cynthia Virtue.  It’s a full circle of wool Jacquard lined in silk.  My hat is a type often refered to as a hennin (this could be considered a “butterfly” hennin).

In this second picture I’m wearing a “heart shaped” hennin which was part of my Kingdom A&S entry. 

These is the inspiration for the headdress and Houppeland – all three are from an illustrated 15th century French translation of Boccaccio’s Decameron.  The illustration are from:  Pognon, Edmond (translated by Tallon, J. Peter).  Boccaccio’s Decameron. Fribourg – Geneve: Liber SA, 1978.:



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